Our Strategy

PLATINA EQUITY SOLUTIONS (PES) manages the direct private equity investment program of select philanthropic foundations and European family offices.

The Platina Equity Solutions team members have extensive operational and financial experience of private equity, giving them a deep understanding of the issues faced by SMEs and their management.

PES’ mandate is to invest a total amount of €150m in transactions requiring single equity or quasi-equity investments of up to €20m.

PES only pursues opportunities where existing or incoming managers can produce, ahead of investment, pro-active Business Plans for investee companies in France and/or abroad.

In addition to traditional LBO and development capital operations, PES also provides equity solutions to projects that do not appeal to traditional funds due to unconventional strategic or financial features in relation to investment timing, management situation, geography, ownership structure or transaction dynamics.

Over the years, the PES team has build specific experience of

  • actively supporting entrepreneurial projects with strong value creation features over the long-term;
  • making investments outside of the traditional LBO sphere and in particular: carve-outs from large organisations, build-ups, turnaround of distressed activities, and management transition situations (including MBIs).