Our Values


Flexibility: without the constraints of a traditional investment fund, PES adapts to the specific needs of each transactional situation. PES can acquire minority or majority stakes using a variety of equity or quasi-equity financial instruments with no duration, structure or geographic constraints.

Reactivity: investment decisions are taken by the PES partners monitoring the investment, which enhances reactivity and minimises business disturbance.


Support: PES provides strategic and financial support to management in the development of their projects, without interfering in the day-to-day operations. This support often results in re-investments in our portfolio companies to finance their development.

Alignment of interest: PES structures investments with equity stakes for the key managers and incentives for driving company performance.


Value creation: PES favours simple financial structures. The primary objective, both for PES and management, is value creation for the company, achieved through the delivery of a clear and profitable development strategy.

Social Involvement: PES manages the investment program of foundations and family offices that support philanthropic programs.